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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas this is friday eve. >> we like that. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze it is judgment day for ross mirkarimi. in four hours he will make his final case for keeping his job before the city's ethics commission with a decision coming down right after. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco's newspapers are split over what should happen to ross mirkarimi. what do you think? mirkarimi is asking the ethics
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commission to let him keep his job. mayor ed lee thinks he should be removed from the job of sheriff. lawyers from both sides will present closing arguments this morning. the mayor says, he believes the facts are there for removal. >> i think the question for the ethics commission and for the board is, does the actions that are admitted to amount to official misconduct? i feel it does. and i will reiterate that because i believe that the office of the sheriff has to be at a standard that is above that. >> reporter: mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after getting into a fight with his wife and bruising her arm. she stands bay her husband. she believes he should keep his job. domestic violence victims' advocates do not want him as sheriff. they plan to be here today and hold a rally opposing
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mirkarimi. his supporters will be here too. the chronicle has an editorial in today's paper saying it believes ross mirkarimi should be removed from office. the examiner has an editorial saying he deserves a second chance. we'll get a decision from the ethics commission today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the giants begin a weekend series in san diego tomorrow. today, the team is expected to make a roster move they have to fill melky's spot. yesterday mlb suspended him for 50 games after he tested positive for excessive testosterone. last month he said he had been tested unknown if that test led to the positive reading. the player's union filed a grievance then dropped it after he admitted using the banned substance.
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he has apologized. >> he was a big part of our success. we've been through this before and we've had some big guys go down and there's been people step up every time. we expect the same. >> some people are going to try and get ahead, hard to eliminate it, go with it. it doesn't hurt my confidence in baseball. >> cabrera will miss the final 45 games of the season and five playoff games if the giants make it to the post-season. samsung scheduled to make a major announcement about the company's future plans in northern california. the mayor and governor will be there. in the meantime, a federal judge overseeing the patent trial between samsung and apple is urging executives from both sides to speak to each other, one more time to try to settle. the jury begins deliberating next. apple claims samsung is infringing on its patents. facebook will get attention on wall treat this morning, almost two billion
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shares of the company are free to be sold on the stock market, representing 10% of stock owned by early investors. federal regulations prevented them from selling those shares until now. facebook's value has dropped by almost half since its ipo three months ago. >> i don't know that they will be that impatient with getting out. when the employs have their opportunity later this year it may be a little more sense of urge. >> employees looking to cash out can start selling their shares in november when a whooping 49% of facebook stock could flood the stock market. coming up, we'll see where the stock stands when we go live to the new york stock exchange. chevron facing first lawsuit from last week's refinery fire. three bay area law firms filed on behalf of nine richmond residents, including three children. they accuse chevron of gross negligence relating to safety and a response to the fire.
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in a statement chevron officials say the company will review each suit based on merits. three men suspected of stealing a million dollars from an armored car company office in r last year were planning a bigger heist. prosecutors say the three were planning to steal an armored car last week from the same location they got away with the first theft. police foiled last week's attempt. the three are being held on a million dollars bail each. other than of a big rig carrying a crane that slammed into a freeway overpass may not have had the proper permits. we were the first to show new amazing scene yesterday. two westbound lanes on i-80 were closed more than eight hours after this accident. the extended arm of the crane carried by the trouble ripped a four foot hole in a concrete over pass. the pedestrian walkway closed indefinitely as engineers
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assess safety repairs. highway patrol says if the trucking firm is not properly licensed, face fines and have to pay for repairs. in a few hours, another big step is happening towards the construction of the bay bridge. crews will begin lifting 35,000 tons of steel that transfers weight of the us is span bridge deck from the supports to the cable suspension system that will carry it for the next century. the construction will take three months to complete. the freeway spotlight is on westbound 24 in orinda where we have that "sig alert." let's check weather. we start with satellite and radar. the storms developed yesterday fizzled overnight low pressure retrograding back to the west high pressure south, low pressure pushing clouds in the
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high pressure pushing warm air on top. that's why we are going to have the microclimates during the afternoon. mainly cloudy everywhere, less cloud cover inland, 50s to near 60° through 7:00. by noon mid 70s inland upper 60s bay upper 50s coast stay upper 50s 4:00 increase in sun towards 4:00. mid 80s inland, mid 70s bay pull back at 7:00, mid 70s inland upper 60s around the bay, upper 50s along the coast if you are worried about pollen, it hasn't changed, moderate amounts of tree, mold, ragweed, grass low. less sunshine as moisture plume starts to develop and brings up moisture from tropical depression hector. i think we are going to be dry most thunderstorms will be out over the ocean. let's talk to frances. this is a spot to look out
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for, westbound 24 orinda, two cars going over 100 miles an hour, one flipped obvious, chp issued a "sig alert" for this crash camino pablo blocking right lane it could be blocked for half an hour, still moving 62 miles an hour, still early in the morning. since this could be out there for a while, the drive time is what we are going to keep an eye on from 680 to the caldecott 10 minutes now. no real impact yet. definitely i expect to see slowing. that could impact the drive on 680 walnut creek right now traffic flows well southbound near north main towards highway 24 at the top of your screen erskine bowles about toll quiet, else -- live shot of light traffic now in san jose for headlights northbound on 280 this is 17 out of los gatos.
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5:09. >> not sure how folks will feel about this. big u.s. companies paying more to ceos than to uncle sam. money report is next. what a new poll reveals about the impact of mitt romney's choice of paul ryan as his running mate. remembering the king. 35 years after his death, the tribute taking place today for elvis presley. this is the plan for back to school.
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unemployment has never been so high this long after a recession and consumer spending and job growth are lagging. new -- [ unintelligible ] good morning. president obama and mitt romney say they have agreed to suspend campaigning advertising on the anniversary of the september 11th, terrorist taxes. new gallup poll finds romney's selection of ryan has little or no affect on registered voters. romney's support has gone up
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1%. he has 45% to -- analysts say the next potential poll mover is gop convention which starts august 27th. new study confirms the rich are getting richer but their companies not paying much in federal taxes. institute for policy studies took a look at 26 companies, it found they paid ceos an average of more than 20 million dollars last year while paying little or no federal tax on huge profits. the report says boeing paid ceo more than 18 million dollars. while his company received a tax refund of more than 600 million dollars. staples will pay nearly a millions to settle claims that check-out scanners were over charging in four counties. the claims against the office supply chain originated in sonoma county. officials say the company cooperated with the investigation. stay buts has new policies to
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make sure -- staples has new policies to make sure scanners are accurate. today is the 35th anniversary of elvis presley's passing. 75,000 of his fans ed to graceland for the annual gathering. -- they received a surprise greeting from his former wife and his daughter. that had to be a thrill. they thanked the crowd for their support of their rock and roll icon. >> loved his fans. and this is proof that you love him. and again, thank you very, very much. for all that you do to keep his legacy going on and on and on, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> thank you! it was the first time priscilla and lisa marie appeared together at that annual gathering. elvis died in 1977 from a heart attack after battling prescription drug abuse >> los angeles restaurant offering you a tip if you don't use your cell phone.
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the owner of the restaurant, va is giving a 5% -- eva is giving a 5% discount for patrons who check their cell phones at the door. he says he wants his restaurant to be about people connecting not talking on phones. i swear no lie last week i saw a table with three women, each texting, nobody talking to each other. >> i'm trying to listen, can you be quiet. >> can i get my forecast? >> you can get alarm clock. >> right, coffee, coffee, coffee. cooler, clouds probably delays at sfo, good morning. 5:16. looking down on the embarcadero, wind aren't as fast as they were yesterday, the marine layer about the same thickness, 2,000 without that stronger push of clouds we'll see sunshine quicker today and that will lead to
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temperatures that are maybe a few degrees warmer than they were yesterday still within the same general area as yesterday nothing too extreme is what i'm getting at. live doppler cloud cover out there no organized areas of wet weather, good news for morning commute. 60s along the peninsula into the south bay and antioch everybody else mid to upper 50s monterey bay mid 50s to upper 50s monterey, 60 as you head inland to salinas. cloud cover all over the bay this morning. having a hard time getting inland right now because of the slower winds. there you go by noon, sun breaks out quicker than questioned, pockets of sun along the coast, temperatures will be close to average from 60s at the coast, 70s, 80s bay, 80s, 90s inland. specific numbers, upper 70s around sunnyvale, santa rosa, milpitas everybody else in the south bay low to mid 80s.
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70 millbrae, peninsula mid to upper 70s. good morning half moon bay 61 for you, one of the warm spots along the coast 64 downtown to 65 south san francisco, upper 70s to low 80s north bay valleys. 69 berkeley, everybody else in the low to upper 70s across the east bay shore. upper 80s to mid 90s east bay valleys. 90s around morgan hill, mid to upper 80s inland 60s to mid 70s monterey bay. it will be partly cloudy tomorrow and saturday i think any thunderstorms that develop will stay over the ocean temperatures tape near sunday, monday, tuesday, a little below average for this time of year. here's frances. westbound 24 in orinda at
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camino pablo overturn crash still blocks lane traffic getting by okay 58 miles an hour possible hot spot we'll catch the drive time on highway 24 from 680 caldecott still 10 minutes. even though the crash is out there not causing much of a delay. i want to show you the waze traffic app, the cool thing is one of our traffic spotters reported it when it happened, 35 minutes ago. if you have this app, you can know what is going on for your ride to work. in addition to this, heads-up, stall reported in the eastbound direction as you head to the caldecott tunnel. a few traffic spotters heading through the scene, waze not showing any slowing at this point. if it does i'll let you know. golden gate bridge, this morning you can see clearly across the span and terry was telling us he did not need to use his wipers, no mist this morning out of marin into
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san francisco. also, south bay no problems right now reported in san jose or on the peninsula. headlights on northbound 280 right under the 880 overcrossing traffic flowing well no problems 101 out of morgan hill and gilroy. breaking news overseas. nato says a helicopter crash in afghanistan has killed 11 people, including seven international service members. officials say at least three killed were american troops. nato is investigating the cause of the crash. more information as it comes in. next, former president clinton receive as honor like no other. bill clinton, meet bill clinton. we'll explain. >> i hope you do. also, new photo raises new questions about the existence of the loch ness monster. the marriage proposal called one of the most romant spells at the end of the month.
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where will we find love potion number 9 now? >>moneamerica's money" i'm paula faris, have a good day.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at this is not a good morning for giants' fans melky cabrera suspended for the rest of the season because of steroids and they find themselves in second place after losing the series finale to the nationals yesterday. crawford did his part. lincecum's woes continued. espinoza with two run homerun to center field. lincecum laughed four innings, gave up four runs, giants lose 6-4 open a weekend series tomorrow fight in san diego. a's were hoping for a better
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result in kansas city. a's 2-1 lead. oakland slipping a bit couldn't hold the lead. royals beat a's 3-2. a's have lost three street. they play again tonight. scottish sailor claims to have the best picture of the legend -- loch ness monster. it shows what he says is the back of the sea creature. he says he has spent the last 26 years searching for the loch ness. why did he only take one photo? hear what he has to say on "good morning america" after this newscast at 7:00. bill clinton has met up with bill clinton in uganda on a visit in 1998 then president bill clinton held a tiny newborn named master bill
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clinton, 14 years later he met up with his namesake again for lunch. according to the clinton foundation website the teenager was named after the former president because he was in the month mr. clinton first arrived in that african nation. is being called the most romantic proposal. >> i'm on target now. target ring. >> the target, theresa, she was given flowers by strangers one by one along the waterfront in boston then bombarded with dozens of carnations, all part of her boyfriend jack's plan while she was swarmed, he took time to change in a tux and came -- and then came the proposal. you can tell from her face the and a big yes. guys now you know the bar has just been raised. >> i thought she was going to fall for one of the people
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giving her flowers q the case that has dragged on more than half a year a decision just hours away on weather ross mirkarimi will keep his job or lose it. both sides will make a pitch this morning to the ethics commission. device men to protect workers has turned into -- a device meant to protect workers has turned into a weapon. caught on tape, the robbery suspect that police say needs to be stopped now. temperatures today, east bay valleys warmest, upper 80s to low 90s, 70s and 80s rest of the bay, 60s coast san francisco pockets of sun this afternoon. gulf coast states 90s. portland 100. here's a look at our major
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airports, o'hare has flight arrival delays i think we'll have flight arrival delays into sfo right now everybody is on time. flight tracker any time you need it, at the
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good thursday morning i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. breaking news overseas. at least three americans are among the 11 killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan the dead includes seven international service members the nationalities of the troops in addition to the three americans are not being immediately revealed. we are just getting word in
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that a taliban spokesperson is claiming that insurgents shot down the helicopter, no confirmation from u.s. officialsors nato. nato says it is investigating the cause of the crash. critical day today for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. the city's ethics commission is expected to make a recommendation on whether he should be removed from office. amy hollyfield, joins us live in city hall. >> reporter: ross myrrh pheur believes he should be able to keep his job. mayor ed lee says he should not. lawyers for both sides will present closing arguments today before the ethics commission. that panel will then recommend whether mirkarimi should remain as san francisco's sheriff. it is a recommendation. the board of supervisors will make the final decision. the mayor says he doesn't know how that board will vote. >> i have not thought through the board's voting or effort at all.
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i believe it to them, as part of this institution that they have to individually have to review this as detailed as i did. my hope is they come to the same conclusion. it is a democracy so i have to be prepared for anything itch >> reporter: -- mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment after bruising his wife's arm during an argument. the mayor then suspended mirkarimi. today opinions will be loudly expressed. mirkarimi's supporters plan a rally on the steps around noon. advocates for victims of domestic violence plan to be here as well, they do not want him to keep his job. it should be a noisey, opinion that ited environment here as this much awaited -- opinionated environment here as this much awaited decision is revealed. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. today the giants are expected to make a roster move to fill melky cabrera's spot. yesterday mlb us is ed him for
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50 games after he tested -- suspended him for 50 games after tested positive for testosterone. he said -- the player's union filed a grievance then dropped it after he admitted using the banned substance. he's apologized. >> well, it is a ultimately a bad decision, that's all i'm going to say about it. >> obviously not a good thing. i wouldn't expect that of melky. >> you look like you are almost ready to crime ready to cry. >> i am. >> 45 games left in the season he will miss all. giants fell out first place after lose together nationals yesterday. now trail dodgers by one game >> redwood city police looking for a serial armed robber who
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they say threatened a pregnant clerk his image was captured during one of the heists. police say he's responsible for robbing five redwood city businesses in one week maria torres is finding it hard to get past the terror she felt. >> like this and here and here. >> he pointed the gun at your baby? >> yes. >> you're pregnant? >> yes. >> residents are passing photos of the suspect. crimestoppers offering up to $3500 in reward money for information leading to his arrest. this morning authorities investigating another attack on a worker at napa state hospital. a patient tried to choke a tech last night, two days after abc7 news told you about the new safety measures to protect employees. these lanyards are alarms that
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can be easily triggered. there are concerns they pose a choking danger, strangulation hazard we are told that's what happened. the patient grabbed the lanyard and tried to choke the worker. he was not seriously injured. public health officials and county coroner investigating the death of a newborn at marin general. the infant died march 3rd, after a nurse administered a labor inducing drug without a doctor's authorization. the nurse reportedly told authorities it was in compliance with standard procedures. marin general is not commenting. police identified the man they have in custody for stabbing a homeless woman to death with a samurai sword. he's 37-year-old marcus reynolds of san jose he was taken into custody shortly after the murder monday night. prosecutors confirmed there's seven other criminal cases
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pending against him. accused serial killer joseph naso requesting a new -- he announced in court yesterday that he has fired a second adviser after spending months arguing successfully he could represent himself. he was accused of murdering four women over the course of 16 years starting in 1977. calfire expects full containment of two wildfires burning in lake county by money dave. the fires have burned more than 12 miles this morning 75% contained. the fires destroyed two homes this morning all evacuation orders lifted. evacuation centers are closed highway 20 open in both directions. talking how the weather is going to impact how those firefighters do also how the west nile spraying is going on today if it is going on
5:37 am
because of the possible winds with >> let's find bout those conditions. winds are a -- little less stout this morning than yesterday, they will pick up this afternoon especially along the coast. good morning. dry in morning not getting reports of mist we did yesterday, terry thank you, as far as it being along the golden gate bridge pocket along the coast. low starting to pull back to the west retrograding away from us we have that as one of the players and high to the south still pumping up warm air microclimates big spread again today. 50s and 60s mainly cloudy through the morning, partly cloudy inland by noon sunshine around the bay and inland a little quicker today pockets of sun along the coast 50s there, 60s and 70s bay, 70s and 80s lunchtime. 70s and 80s inland 4:00, near 70s most areas around the bay,
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50s and low 60s coast pretty much where we stay through 7:00, 50s coast, 60s bay, 70s inland. next three days, we are going to see more cloud cover, i still think the best chance of storms to our west and east in the high country, temperatures tumble a little everyday through the weekend. here's frances. good morning. just talked to officer evans to find out about this overturn crash westbound 24 right lane still blocked, they are waiting for a flatbed that's the hold up now. drive time from 680 to the caldecott tunnel, 10 minutes we have a abc7 news crew on the way. we'll keep track of the back-up. westbound 80 getting a little more crowded towards the bay bridge. no major slow down, drive time still under 20 minutes from the carquinez to the maze. at the bay bridge toll,
5:39 am
looking good now, no delays into san francisco. live shot of the san mateo bridge for you, 880 fine, through hayward, getting towards highway 92 traffic still flowing well westbound more crowded eastbound, looks good across the highrise into foster city ansa san mateo. -- >> you like to shop online to save a few bucks? get ready to start paying sales tax. how long you have left to buy tax-free. young al stars from the north bay get ready for round one at the little league world series. the turf is down at the new memorial stadium in berkeley check it out. the cal bears are ready to get down to business. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. if you like to shop online get ready to dig deeper. next month online retailers will start charging sales tax in california. the bill takes effect september 15th. small businesses have pushed hard to have amazon and other web merchants collect sales taxes. they say it levels the playing
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field. legislation is expected to generate more than 500 million dollars in annual revenue for california. in a few hours the cal football team will practice for the first time in the newly renovated stadium. this is video from last month. crews put the turf down, they were working long hours to get it done. the project started in november of 2010. expected to be completed on time before the first game september 1st. at noon, the national spotlight will shine on petaluma their young all stars compete in the first game of the little league world series this is video of their workout yesterday in pennsylvania. today the team faces connecticut. it will be shown live on espn. a viewing party will be held at the 14 cinemas in petaluma with ticket sales hoping to cover the travel expenses of
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the players and families. all seats are $15. organizers say with projections for the screenings and donations received they've reached their fundraising goal. >> every boy's dream to be there. >> we are rooting for those little guys. another apple device may go on the market soon, this one in your livingroom. bloomberg business report is next. battling to stop a west nile virus outbreak. setback in the bay area and rush to stop its spread across the nation. power ball fever. we'll tell you where the one winning ticket for the 337 million dollar jackpot was sold. how legos are helping girls build a future one block at a time
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>> welcome back. live doppler we have leftover showers down to the south mainly where they will stay, a few along the sierra heat back in central valley 100s everywhere, 72 big sur. near 80 tahoe mid 90s yosemite heading to southern california rare thunderstorms there are
5:48 am
possible tomorrow those will taper saturday and sunday upper 80s around l.a., upper 70s for san diego. 5:48. this morning a jetliner out of new york has made an emergency landing in iceland after a report of a bomb onboard. 256 people were onboard that plane bound for moscow, an anonymous caller reported the bomb to new york police. the plane is on the ground now in iceland where baggage and passengers are being inspected. breaking news, ecuador has just granted political asylum to wikileaks founder julian assange. in june he took refuge in the south american country's embassy in london. he has been granted asylum this morning. back here the contra costa mosquito and vector control district will not be fogging an antioch neighborhood because of the wind.
5:49 am
mosquitoes infected with west nile were found in an area -- across the nation most of the country is unwatch for cases of the deadly wet nile virus. dallas' mayor declared a state of emergency and has agreed to first aerial spraying of insecticide there since 1966, after more than a dozen west nile related deaths. health officials everywhere are urging people to use mosquito repellent whenever they are out even if they are spraying in your area it can't kill all mosquitoes. dr. besser has spent years working on deadly diseases with the cdc. it is widespread this is the worst year ever for west nile they have 700 confirms cases from that as many as 12,000 people have been sickened by west nile virus. it is in 43 states. west nile usually affects the elderly or unhealthy. most people never even know
5:50 am
they have it. dr. besser talks precautionary measures on "good morning america" after this newscast. >> someone in michigan is 337 million dollars richer than this morning. someone in that state hit all few numbers and the red power ball last night to win 337 million dollars power ball lottery jackpot. the winning numbers: 56, 27, 46, -- [ unintelligible ]
5:51 am
clouds are out there, thick as they were yesterday, not running as fast to the east as they were yesterday, which means we'll see sunshine quicker today and slightly warmer during the afternoon hours. bull picture from vollmer peak towards mount diablo. live doppler just in the cloud cover creating 68 minute flight arrival delays into sfo no organized areas of wet weather hardly any mist to be found. 60s peninsula into the south bay, antioch, mid to upper 50s rest of us around the monterey bay mid to upper 50s, 60 salinas. san francisco one degree warmer, 64. san jose two degrees warmer 80, three degrees warmer oakland, santa rosa high of 71 and 81 concord 89. fremont 78, four degrees
5:52 am
warmer than yesterday. we start in pacifica, 59° oakland top out at 71 all the way into brentwood should make it up to 93° today. warmest weather will be in our east bay valleys with upper 80s to mid 90s from 87 in dublin to 93 in brentwood. low to upper 70s east bay shore. upper 70s to mid 80s south bay, low to upper 70s peninsula. near 60 along the coast. mid 60s downtown south san francisco north bay 68 sausalito to 81 santa cruz and petaluma, 90 morgan hill, 69 watsonville, mid 60s monterey and carmel with pacific give. tonight 60s cloverdale, clear lake, antioch everybody else in the 50s with cloud cover area of low pressure pulling away high pressure to the south in between those two we are going
5:53 am
to squeeze moisture shoot it through that gap from tropical depression hector, i believe we'll have thunderstorms in the sierra, some thunderstorms out over the ocean and we'll be in between with jut more cloud could have and cooler weather for tomorrow and saturday. temperatures will continue to tumble even a few more degrees into next week temperatures could be low average next week. have a great day here's frances. good news now westbound 24 camino pablo crash all clear, no lanes blocked there was never any slowing the drive time on westbound 24 from 680 to the caldecott close to 10 minutes. good to go there. the waze traffic app will pick up slowing everywhere else, especially westbound 580 through the altamont pass, 25 miles per hour out of tracy things slow once you get on to 580 you can see here a traffic spotter reported heavy traffic
5:54 am
34 minutes ago. we'll check out westbound 4 and that's heavy through antioch, 22 miles an hour. traffic picks up once you get past loveridge. a few live shots, easy ride across the golden gate bridge now no trouble across the span, i saw some bridge crews headed northbound earlier clearing roadwork. here's a shot in san jose, north 101 delay-free out of san jose by santa clara, sunnyvale into mountain view all the way up the peninsula. we want to thank those of you who have contributed to the dream campaign. leslie s of san jose, yaki m of santa rosa and nicole a of walnut creek. to like us on facebook go to the abc7 news page click the thumbs up button every like will make a difference in the lie of a foster child. labor department just
5:55 am
released weekly jobs report the number of people an he plying -- number of people applying for unemployment benefits edged up slightly. >> here's jane king. good morning. a source tells us apple in talks with one of the nation's largest cable companies allowing consumers to buy apple device for live tv and other content instead of renting a box from cable companies could be biggest move into livingrooms. the day music died getting closer, research firm says digital music sales will exceed revenue from cd's and vinyls thanks to downloads. who do you dislike more congress or telemarketers? at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. a group of bay area
5:56 am
mathematics masters are back home sporting medals they won in a competition in china. big crowd on hand yesterday to welcome them back. they took part in a girls' math olympiad, 204 girls from 10 countries competed, the u.s. team did very well all eight members won medals, including two from the bay area and one who brought home a gold. problems were not easy it took an hour each to solve. the girls say they were easier this year than last year. maybe they are getting better. >> that's right they've been the engineers of tomorrow are getting their start today at'e y summer camp by playing wh legos. teachers around the bay area are using the colorful blocks to get more girls interested in becoming engineers. until now teachers say most of the kids in the camp were buys. >> right now this is -- were
5:57 am
boys. right now is medium feed if we put a small gear on top and big on bottom it would go slow. >> there's a side of legos that gets more complex and interesting and they are great learning tools. >> right now 170 of these summer camps are all over the east bay, bay area too girls are building houses, bridges, learning about science and robotics. we are three hours away from the start of the final hearing for suspended sheriff ross pheur marc racicot. later
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